Routine – part 1

Routine is a difficult thing to establish, conversely very easy to break.  Knowing this to be true, I’m on my own personal quest to develop some semblance of routine in my daily life. This was highlighted for me in a recent extended stay at my in-laws.  Due to us moving houses (again) we moved in with them for a few weeks.  Every morning, I woke up super early because of the uneasy feeling of not sleeping in my own bed.  I’m sure some experience this phenomenon, if you don’t, consider yourself lucky.  Sleepy eyed stumbling down the stairs, I always turned the corner from the stairwell to the kitchen to see my father-in-law.  Light blue gym shorts, t-shirt, reading glasses, coffee in one hand, the other turning the pages of the newspaper laid flat on the kitchen table.  So every day for over two weeks, I sat down there with him, each of us trying to decipher sleepy grunts that meant, “did you see this story?,” or “can’t believe Boston lost last night.”  Every morning, the same routine, buffering slumber and hours employment.  For those weeks, my day started with the regular rhythm of morning, not the panic of 5 minutes before having to be somewhere 10 minutes away.  

While we are two or three weeks removed from early morning coffee and newspapers, the example of routine has not waned. Its importance still creeps into my brain in the early AM hours, sometimes winning the battle over my eyelids, and sometimes falling to defeat.  Image

I’ll be sharing a few of the things that have integrated into my daily routine since its importance was illuminated.  Would love to hear your routines as well.


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