Review of Ted Dekkers “Green”

With Green, Dekkers fourth installment of the Circle Series, the fabled series comes to a triumphant ending, or is it an origin?  Thomas of Hunter finds himself in the midst of a community malcontent with their standing, a rebellious son, and an enemy growing stronger by the day.  Is it possible his only solution to his increasingly troublesome circumstances is the world he abandoned long ago, the world of his dreams? Only by the Grace of Elyon.


Dekker’s style in the Circle trilogy was so identifiable.  Even in the fast-paced, complex storyline, everything flowed with constancy only available to the best of storytellers.  Green, while still a great read, lacked that continuity in the progression of the characters.  While the story’s plot was tied up with a bow on top, creating a true ‘circle‘ series, the characters themselves that we have all grown to love seemed shallow in an effort to further the plot.  To perfectly add to the circle trilogy would have been a tough ask for any author in one book, Dekker completed what I believe to be the best effort possible for the end goal.


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