Status on 2011 Resolutions

While my specific resolutions fell to the cliched “valiant effort for 3 weeks then over” problem, I will admit that the sentiment of those resolutions did make their way into my life.  However, of the six goals I set forth in 2011, not one was completed in its entirety.  

The first was to read 30 books this year.  While I did not reach 30, I did climb high into the double digits.  The Hunger Games gave me a great start, but Matt Bronleewe’s Illuminated and House of Wolves were the highlight of my literary year.  I have a feeling this one has earned stay for 2012 as well.

Second, I wanted to learn how to cook.  Brit’s transition to stay-at-home mom, and my new occupation took away some opportunities to learn, but I did learn a few new things, and plan to continue my quest for Dad Dishes.

Goals 3 and 4 were: I wanted to hone my skills with an electric guitar, and as a teacher.  Transitioning out of occupational worship leader to being a college minister facilitated my growth in both these areas.  I thought it’d be a daunting task and a lofty goal to prep 2 messages last year (and not deliever them), when in actuality, I prepped and delivered close to 15 in 2011 for The Gathering at LSU.  However, none of them on the subject of worship, but that will change shortly.  Also, as a result of the new job, music is an outlet, and not a responsibility so learning a new instrument (both from a desire, and goal standpoint) hit the backburner.

Goal 5 was to run.  America, we all failed here, admit it.  Also, admit we’ll put it on our list for 2012 too.

Goal 6 was to wake up early, not waste the day.  While the exact time of my emergence from hibernation varied every day, the idea of not wasting the day changed my life in 2011.  Time had to become productive, every action had to have a purpose, wasting the day wasn’t an option.  


All in all, the majority of these goals have wedged their way into my life, and while I sit down today to write this, I find myself further down the road in those areas then where I was a year ago.  For the rest of this week, I’ll be posting review of 2011, personal goals and family goals.  


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