Every Blog Has Its Day

Blogs have become a big part of our culture.  You can read opinions, news, ideas, and mind-numbing rabbit trails on almost anything.  I spend a good amount of time reading said blogs, and I thought I’d share a few of my favorites.  Enjoy and let me know of any I should be reading, or some of these that you enjoy.

1.  Ragamuffin Soul– Carlos Whitaker is a worship leader in Atlanta, GA, but it best known for his cyberspace community of ragamuffins.  Thoughts on creativity, worship, culture, and justice are frequently discussed on Ragamuffin Soul.  The need thing about this blog is because so many people all over the world read it, it really can be treated as an online community of people sharing and discussion their thoughts on a wide array of subjects.

2.  Dan Hasteltine – This blog has been up for maybe 24 hours, but I know it will be a go-to for me.  You can follow Dan on Twitter ( @scribblepotemus ) and if his blog is anything like his 140 character twitter posts, you will not disappointed.  Dan is the lead singer for Jars of Clay (and the lesser known Hawk in Paris).

3. Kevin East – I had the distinct honor of knowing/meeting Kevin 15 years ago as my youth leader at the Chapel on the Campus in Baton Rouge, LA.  In 2002, he interviewed me for a summer job at Pine Cove Christian Camps where I worked for 3 summers seeing first hand his passion for leadership and excellence.  Somehow, he’s channeled this passion, along with some suggestions for resources, and thoughts on personal finance, foster care, and other practical subjects.

4. Sons and Daughters – For Christmas, our worship team at GLF played Sons and Daughters “All the Poor and Powerless.”  This blog (although posts are rare) shows their heart for people is not just the song, but their lives.

5.  Strymon – Strymon is a small company making guitar pedals like no one else.  Keeping up with their product line is fun.  I can’t wait to see what else they come up with.

6.  Peter King – While technically not a blog, his Monday Morning Quarterback on Sports Illustrated online serves basically the same purpose.  His thoughts on the NFL, once a week.  Super-enlightening, great start to a Monday morning in the fall.

7.  Rabbit Room – Named after a back room in a pub in Oxford where CS Lewis, JRR Tolkein, and others had culture-shifting discussions, this group of artist emulates that gathering online.  Some contributors include Andrew Peterson, Jason Gray, SD Smith, and Eric Peters.

8. Donald Miller – Author of Blue Like Jazz…. enough said

An honorable mention goes to thirdleaf and lowercasenoises.  Both are youtube channels I consider to be video blogs.

Thirdleaf is Australian drummer Paul Mabry.  His videos are basically him playing killer drum tracks in the studio.

Lowercasenoises is Andrew Stephen Othling, a guitar player that creates some really cool ambient looping guitar tracks.


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