2010 – A year in review

It’s been 6 months since posting here, and I hope that will change.  On the eve of a new year, I thought I’d take some time to reflect on the past 365 days.  Not all of them individually of course, but a few have been worth re-living.  Over the past year we have watched our son go from a 2 month old ball of flesh to a walking, babbling 14 month old.  He has been a blessing, I never knew how much love and devotion one human was capable of until he was a part of our lives.

The whole year has been highlighted with awesome and trying things for us as a family.  In March, Grace Life Fellowship licensed me as a pastor.  That Sunday was monumentous one for us, because it was a proclamation of the call we knew to be true for our lives.  In May, Brit, Noah, and I got to experience the beauty of the Virgin Islands in May, something we surely won’t ever forget.  Check out earlier posts for pictures and thoughts on the trip.

Our summer was uneventful until one week in late July when we bough a new house and sold our house in Southdowns.  Over a month of moving out, living with the in-laws, and moving in, we finally made it to our new home that we love.

Brittany was also in line to take a maternity leave for a teacher at school in October.  Well, three days after the start of school, she got the call that her duty would start sooner, as in the next day.  So she busted it from August to December as a Pre-K teacher AND Aftercare Director.  And she was phenomenal at both.  It also called me into full-time dad duty, which was fun.  Most dads don’t get the chance to spend as much time with their children as Noah and I got to spend together for the second half of the year.  That opportunity might not come again, I will always treasure that time.

My baby-sister got married in August and moved to Texas, jolting us all to the realization that we are growing up quickly and we won’t always be able to stop each others houses for an afternoon visit.  I’m thrilled to have Curtis as a new brother, and love and miss them both a great deal.  However, I’m so proud of their adventure into adulthood.   

Noah’s first birthday was an event.  Our backyard was transfered to the Anders Corral, and family flew/drove in from North Carolina and Texas.  It lined up to be perfect until Brit came to be ill.  It still was a great party, but it was a lesson that we have to roll with the punches.

As with the celebration of life, sometimes the sadness of death can stop everything in its tracks.  Two of my close friends and mentors passed away this year.  Kevin Walker in the Spring, and Steve Wilson in the fall.  Both men had an amazing impact on my life and their homecomings marked very sad times in 2010.  My great grandmother also went passed away in the spring of 2010.  She was the matriarch of our very close family, and none of us will forget her classic farewell we heard everytime we said goodbye to her: “Love ya, Love ya.”  I rest assured they are all at Home in the arms of their Maker, but the heartache here has not yet subsided.

Wrapping up the holiday season has been bittersweet.  To watch it pass by without the ability to stop or slow down time is always a sad realization; but watching our family grow into what we will be for the next year is exciting.

T.S. Elliot said “For last year’s words belong to last year’s language and next year’s words await another voice.”  So as we recap last years words in its language, my next years voice belong to you.


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