Day One: Travel Day

First off, let me say I have been advised not to put on the internet that I am out of town. If you are reading this with any devious plans, I have two very, very big mean nasty boxers that will eat you alive if you look at them the wrong way. Anyway, yesterday, we drove, then flew, then walked, then flew again, then walked, then drove, then sailed, then drove some more. It was a day of nothing but travel. The wife slept some, I read some, and Noah watched his Baby Einstein’s on his dad’s laptop. After 11 hours of transportation we finally arrived to the beautiful islands. Even getting off the plane, the runways backdrop showed us the kind of nature we were in for this week. The baggage claim at the airport reeked of island flavor. The smell of the sea, one-man-band playing steel drums, an electric harmonica, and kicking a cymbal, people passing at Cruzan shots and everyone with a beer in one hand, trying to catch their suitcase off the conveyer belt with the other. We loaded up in the car, where I quickly realized that my father-in -law was not insane, and that they do drive on the wrong… I mean left side of the road here. We would make a quick turn, I’d see my life flash before my eyes, then he’d say, “Wait until we get to our island” implying that this would not be the last time I fear for my life this week. We hopped on a boat and headed from St. Thomas to St. John. Then came dinner. I’ve never tried conk fritters, but the annoying dude from Dinners, Drive-ins, and Dives talked about them and said they were good, and I gave them a shot. As a result, I will never doubt another spikey bleach-blonde haired guy with excess man jewelry again. They were “on point,” as he would say. That was followed by pasta with shrimp, scallops, fish, calamari, and lobster. Amazing. All that to say, even on a day where we did nothing but travel, we still got a little taste of just how amazing this trip is going to be. Thanks for all the prayers, we’ll keep updating. Oh and by the way, again… two REALLY big nasty boxers. They love the taste of human flesh.


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