Someone Wants My TV

Crazy experience yesterday. My wife is at home by herself, when she hears a friendly knock on the door, then it turned to a not-so-friendly knock. Looking out the window, she saw no car, so went to the back of the house to go into hiding. Then the culprit waltzed into my back yard, and proceeded to start banging on the back door. Needless to say, she was pretty creeped out. Then the guy came back this morning knocking on the door, and walked away when he noticed someone was home. At this point, I was ready to kick some burglar butt… so what did I do? I limbered up, punched at the air a few times, drank a raw egg, and then… made a phone call. Turns out our neighborhood has had a series of robberies of televisions over the past few weeks.  My informant was the local sheriff’s office.  I was very relieved to know all these guys wanted was my TV, because now there there is no LOST or 24, it is just a massive waste of space in my living room.  Here’s to holding out hope that some TV station, show, or series will once again make me hope my TV doesn’t get stolen.


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