Top 5 October Edition

1. FlashForward – Ever since seeing a preview for the new David S. Goyer show last spring, I knew it’d make my DVR rotation. First, Goyer is a great writer, the premise of the show is unique and enthralling. Second, Joseph Finnes is a crazy good actor. Best of all, its a great mystery, but without the ambiguity of a Lost, or 24. Its at the top of my list of shows after one episode. flashforward-logo It comes on a 8ET/7CT Thursday nights on ABC. By the way, kangaroo is the new polar bear.

2. DiscRevolt This company has offered 2 pre-sales in the past month that I immediately took advantage of.hoperising Both Fee and Phil Wickham have used DiscRevolt to pre-sale their upcoming releases, but the exciting part is that upon pre-ordering, you get the entire album for immediate download in addition to the cd upon its release. PhilWickhamHeavenandEarth-300x300According to their website, there is much more to come. To preorder Fee or Wickham’s new stuff, just to the their websites by clicking on their album cover. Welcome to the future…>

3. Journey of Desire by John Eldredge – I’ve read this book about 4 times already, and find myself halfway through it again. It’s great reminder of our God-given desire that is in us, and our propensity to either ignore that desire, or mistake it for something else. Its a top 5 book for me, and I’ve enjoyed re-reading it. I find new, interesting tidbits every time. The best part of the book is the excerpts in the beginning of each chapter about the lost sealion.

4. Jimmy Johns – We just got one hear in Baton Rouge in the old Perkins Road Hardware (tear…). Their sandwiches are great, but the conversation I had with one of the cashiers is why it makes the top 5…jimmy-johns
Me: What is the avocado spread? Does it taste like guacamole?
Cashier: It tastes like someone one put cherubs in a blender.
Me: Who would want to put cherubs in a blender?
Cashier: Someone who wants to taste deliciousness

5. – These guys have their stuff together. With new fiction reviews daily, they keep a self-proclaimed fiction addict like me well informed. News, contests, and wide range of genres all grace their pages with creativity and organization. It’s a routine stop on my daily travels through the internet. If you are slightly interested in fiction of any kind, check this site out. I guarantee you will find something you’ll desperately need to read that you didn’t know existed.


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  1. Sara Groves is also offering an exclusive pre-sale at (ending 11/17).

    Working on a few more pre-sales in early 2010 which will be awesome! Thanks for the support!

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