Fee’s “Hope Rising”

hoperising On October 6th, Fee will release “Hope Rising.” Although Steve Fee and company have been on the worship scene forever, this is only their second official studio release. Their first earned them a GMA Dove Award nomination for “Best New Artist,” and “All Because of Jesus” climbed to #1 on Christian Radio. Fortunately, their follow-up will make you forget the term, “Sophomore Slump.” Now that the worship music genre has established itself as its own entity, Fee has claimed a spot as front-runners and trend-setters. The Atlanta-based group doesn’t shy away from drum-loops and distortion pedals in their attempt to revolutionize the way the Church worships through music. From top to bottom, every cut from this album has a singable melodic hook, and Steve Fee’s passion and energy translates through any car, computer, or headphone speaker. Thus wherever you are, you can feel like you are in a conference center packed with other worshippers singing the same chorus. The running theme throughout the album is a call to worship. With the use of repeated, simple, but potent lyrics, Fee invites the listener to worship, with them, a God who is alive. There are numerous stand-out tracks on “Hope Rising.” Starting with “Rise and Sing,” the band portrays a host of people who realize the “touch of the Mercy King” and can’t help but lift up a shout unto Him. “Glory to God,” the first radio single, and “God is Alive” are true worship anthems, in that they carry a great deal of truth escorted by driving vocals and rhythms. “We Crown You” showcases Christy Nockels beautiful voice and provides a break from the intensity that Fee brings. “Everything Falls” could easily be a radio-single, but is still singable enough to fit flawlessly on an album that is otherwise exclusively congregation based. One track falls well short of the mark. “Promised Land” is actually a pretty catchy song but was ruined by the trend of the day, auto-tune. Ever wondered what it’d be like to hear Kanye West, or T.I. sing a worship song? Well, look no further. Otherwise, the album is solid and a must-have for those who appreciated their first album, “We Shine,” or anyone who enjoys Tomlin, Crowder, or Hillsong United. What makes the album special is that Fee doesn’t use nature or the heavens as vessels to glorify God, but sings about us. We are the ones who cry out “Glory to God,” because of His life in and through us. Steve Fee is a true leader of worship, as shown in his newest album “Hope Rising.”


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