David Crowder*Band’s Church Music

Ironic. That’s the best review I can give this album. Previously, the DC*B took their immense talents an crammed them into a genre that didn’t quite fit. The “worship” genre of christian music has been defined by the Passion movement, namely Tomlin, Redman, and Crowder. As it expanded and cemented itself as it’s own niche, Crowder and his band mate’s creative style was pushing the envelope. Granted, their attempts at progressive worship material were successful; but the reason this album strikes me as ironic is that of all the music DC*B has put out there, this album is the least likely to impact the church (note the lower case ‘c’). But here comes the good news… it’s the best album to date. At almost 80 minutes, it is jam packed full of intriguing music. Lyrically, it’s simple but thought-provoking and worshipful; musically, it’s very complex, but pleasing. I feel like the band decided to throw all the preconceived notions about what kind of music they should make out the window and just made the music they like. ‘How He Loves’ is the only viable broadly marketable song on the album, but it still fits perfectly into the album as a whole. It is by far, the best album from beginning to end I’ve seen come out of christian music in a long time. “Alleluia, Sing,” “The Nearness,” “God Almighty, None Compares,” and “Shadows” are great stand-alones, but are even better when in the context of the entire album. “Oh, Happiness” is probably the weakest track on the album, but serves it’s purpose in the whole. In regards to the ironic title, after listening to the album multiple times from start to finish, I am excited to say that while these songs won’t be between “Here I Am to Worship” and “How Great is Our God” in church on Sunday, it’s creative style, daring melodies, and uninhibited lyrics will share with the Church (capital ‘C’) the band’s desire to worship, create, and play in a big and famous way for a big and famous God. david-crowder-church-music


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  1. I remember coming to your house when Remedy was released, and weren’t quite impressed, so i’m pumped you like this one!!

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