Calendar Moments

Today, I went to the doctor for a semi-annual checkup. It was a routine in and out, but one question at the end of my visit shook me to the core. After meeting with my doctor for about 10 minutes, I exited to the checkout, handed the dot-matrix printout to the cashier and she asked me, “How does April 9th sound?” April 9th?, that’s so far away. How I am supposed to know what my life is going to look like then? At least to the point where I will commit to you that in 7 months, 13 days, and 18 hours, I’ll be right back here where you can ask me that question again. To think that the next time I walk into that building I’ll have a six month old son! There is excitement, fear, joy, anxiety, jubilation, all wrapped into the question of where I’ll be in 7 months. I call these times “calandar moments.” When one look at a future date drags your mind to places you try to avoid. While stressing out over those situations can be a negative experience, the challenge and motivation they provide can be valuable. After the initial shock, I got to revel in the fact that this ambiguous love for my wife’s belly, will become a real, defined, unconditional emotion for a tangible being, and that in 7 months, 13 days, and 18 hours, we’ll be at the beginning of the journey of our relationship. Thanks for everyone’s prayer and support for Brit and me. Keep checking back for updates!


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