Sloppy Wet Kiss

I’ve had a great deal of discussion this week about the David*Crowder Band’s new single, “How He Loves” written by John Mark McMillian. I fell in love with this song on Eddie Kirkland’s “Orthodoxy,” but there is one glaring difference in the two. David re-writes the song to say “when Heaven meets Earth like an unforeseen kiss,” while Eddie sings the original lyric, “when Heaven meets Earth like a sloppy wet kiss.” Granted singing this in church might stir some heads. I love the imagery of the latter; it intensifies the revelation of God’s lavished, uninhibited love, that we, His children, are blessed with. Reading I John 3:1, it’s a reminder that we have been given a love and acceptance far beyond what we could hope for. But what is your thought? What does that mean to you? Do you prefer Kirkland’s version, or Crowder’s?…. from a lyrical stand point. IMG_6013


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  1. Sloppy wet kiss!!!

  2. Sloppy Wet Kiss! I went to “Big Stuf Camp” in Florida and Eddie Kirkland led worship, so he sang his version. There really is a lot to be said for singing, basically shouting “sloppy wet kiss” with thousands of other people! It’s a perfect way to express the love of God!

  3. I decided to introduce this song to the congregation at my church this last week. The line “sloppy wet kiss” made for some awkward looks by some folks and had even stirred up some talk.
    Before that last sunday a friend sent me the link to Mark McMillian’s blog. In the blog McMillian talked about his intention for the lyric. When heaven meets earth it’s going to have two sides-Beautiful for believers but awkward at the same time. Jesus will come to save his church, leaving many behind. He will also come to judge the earth. A sloppy kiss is sweet, but it’s smell and nasty wet feeling afterwards isn’t pleasant. Indeed Christ will come, and it will be sweet. Afterwards, not so much.
    Anyway, I had debated singing “sloppy wet kiss” and was ready to settle for “unforseen kiss”. When I read McMillians blog I really felt that the lyric made sense and had a deeper meaning than most listeners have given it. McMillian expressed his frustration with the people that feel that songs sung in church need to feel comfortable for them- basically, the people that caused David Crowder to change the words.
    I couldn’t help but agree with him. So I decided to do it. The song took on a whole different meaning when I decided to look into the meaning instead of allowing myself to be offended.
    I would say do the song with “sloppy wet kiss”. The writer included it for a reason.

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