September’s Top 5

Letterman has writers, so he can think of ten, but I have, well, me… so here’s my Top 5 for this month.

1.) Kevin Kaiser’s Blog ( )
This is actually where I saw the original Top 5 list, so I thought I’d give him the props he deserves by stateing from the get go that he is the inspiration. He is both an author and a marketing genius for Creative Trust. Every post is intriguing; so I find myself typing his name in my web address bar multiple times per day in the hopes something new is up.

2.) Psych
Since I was 4 years old, I always wanted to be, thus pretended to be, a detective; so all detective type shows are interesting to me, but this one is the best (barely edging out Monk). Its funny (real funny), and unpredictable. Watch a couple, and you’ll be hooked like me.

3.) Apple
I’m not late to this bandwagon, just mentioning my ongoing obsession. I love my phone, I love my laptop, I love iTunes, Logic, and the facial recognition on iPhoto, I even love my outdated hardly ever used iPod. But on top of that, we get to pull up trailors for James Cameron’s Avatar, and Jackson’s Lovely Bones on the quicktime website. Very impressed.

4.) Columbia Fishing Shirts
Fishing shirts. And no, I’m not in a fraternity, I just throw style out the window when it comes to this Louisiana heat. Seriously, I really don’t care if I look like I stepped out of an episode of Man vs. Wild. It’s all about staying cool when the air feels like Hell’s community swimming pool.

5.) Glory Revealed II
As a musician, sometime I find myself hating some of the Christian music I hear on the radio. Most of it is self-centered, cheesy, or boring. The project is a bunch of very talented musicians with a heart for scripture. All the lyrics are straight from the Word, and from a musical standpoint is pretty solid. It is the buy of the summer for Christian music fans.


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  1. Psych is totally my favorite show on tv right now! I’m so excited that some else appreciates this!!!

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