Meeting an Inspiration…

Writing is fun, writing is therapeutic, writing is freeing. While I don’t claim to be an excellent, or even mediocre, writer; I do enjoy it a great deal. On Saturday I got to meet an excellent writer at a small cafe in the middle of a bookstore. His name is Robert Liparulo. He has written numerous books that have caused me to go days without sleep; sometimes out of an uncontrollable desire to keep the pages turning, and sometimes out of sheer fright. Due to a couple of random events over the preceding days, we were able to carve out sometime to connect before he flew back up to Monument, CO. I’ve always had the desire to write riveting fiction novels, or powerful worship songs, so I was ready to stand in the valley while the floodgates opened. Expecting to drown in a tidal wave of creativity, I got one drop that quenched my thirst. He said, “People always ask me, ‘What’s ‘Christian’ about your books’, and I always tell them, “I am.” That thought pierced through my brain, splitting between the thoughts of scriptures I trying to match with new unique chords for the next great worship song, and ideas great new superhero power that would explain the power of The Spirit in a C.S. Lewis like work of fiction. Trying to force this doctrinal state of mind into the gift of creativity was cheapening it. The Spirit inside me now is more powerful than any “religious” boundaries I can put on it. And it extends beyond creative gifts to life as a whole. “What’s so ‘Christian’ about brushing your teeth, sitting at your desk, doing homework, or balancing your checkbook?”… WE ARE!! It is not what we do that determines our identity, it is who we are; and who we are defines what we do. That’s why this is called “Ramblings of a Saint” instead of “Ramblings of a Sinner.” I am a child of God; not just called, but MADE righteous. I am not what I was, I am not what I do, I am who HE says I am. All that to say, the Jesus in Robert was a revelation of the freedom we have in The One. Check out his Adult and Young Adult novels.



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