You Will Always Be

Economy, protests, taxes… all of it is overwhelming. If you listen to the radio or television long enough, you’ll start to feel like the sky is falling on all of us. For some of us it feels like it is, while some are banking on it being inevitable. I heard this song today, and it grabbed my heart and shouted “Don’t you remember this?! This is what it’s all about!” Kristian Stanfill’s “You Will Always Be” will be released on his first full-length album on Tuesday, but today, it was meant for me.

Kingdoms rise and kingdoms fall
But You go on and on
Hard times come but You remain
The fortress through the storm

You will always be
Never failing King
Just and faithful, always able
You will always be

Years will come and days will go
But You will never fade
Things on earth will let me down
But You will never fail

My eyes may look away from You
But You will never leave
Times I’ve turned and run from
You Your love has stayed by me


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