Today I Touched a Giraffe

After a lazy morning, we met Brit’s sister Laurel and her friend Matt (who currently go to school at CSU in Fort Collins) for the afternoon. If any of you know my sister-in-law, you will not be surprised in the least to hear we went to the zoo. Not just any zoo though, Cheyenne Mountain Zoo. This place was super cool. With every switchback up the mountain, we saw more and more exotic animals that I never thought I’d see. But the cool part, is you were right on top of the animals. I mean, I’m standing on a bridge and a giraffe comes and licks my hand… it was wild. What zoo have you ever been to wear you turn away from the animals to see this…


After the zoo, we went to Manatou Springs. Luckily for us, they had just celebrated Mardi Gras with a parade of their own. Manatou is just a little hippy town with a ton of cool places. My mom would have died in “Pike’s Peak Chocolate Factory.” Let’s just say we represented the “Anders’ Family Chocolate Addiction” fairly well. After a stop at Charlie’s BBQ in Manatou, we headed back to Monument to get some sleep before church in the morning. After rehearsal on Thursday night, Brit and I are both looking forward to the service. What a day!


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