Garden of the Gods, Circle Drive and The Broadmoor

Just for the record, any day that starts with French Toast and bacon is destined to be a good day. After a great breakfast with Kevin and Julie (who are amazing…) we headed to a place that lived up to its name. The Garden of the Gods. Rustic beauty at it’s finest. We drove around, walked around, froze, prayed, took pictures, and inhaled the natural wonder that surrounded us. Check out Pike’s Peak… photo-1

Then we drove to Circle Drive Baptist Church. To everyone else, this is just a church, but to us, it is a landmark. My dad accepted the call to preach there, and has been a special place for him ever since. Brit and I got to sit on the front row and visualize my dad there, and we reflected on our own call to ministry. What a special moment for us!
Then there was the Broadmoor. This hotel is like a 100 year old castle. Walking out of the lobby, this is what we saw…photo-3

We wrapped up the night with a dinner at Chili’s with Kevin. His wisdom and encouragement have been a treasure on this trip. We have felt so loved up here, and Kevin and Julie have been so welcoming. The fact that we have 5 more days means even better things are left to come.

PS “The Rest of the Gospel” is blowing my mind. Check it out.


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  1. I’m really glad to hear y’all are enjoying you time out there. Colorado is pretty difficult not to enjoy. We love you guys and will continue to be liftin’ y’all up. Keep the blog posts coming.

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