Reading Rainbow

There should be an adult version of “Reading Rainbow.” When I was a kid, LaVar Burton and the catchy jingle (yes the one you are all singing in your head right now) made me want to read every Highlights magazine and Encyclopedia Brown book I could get my hands on. As adults, in an age of entertainment via movies and television, we have lost the desire. My wife and I love to read. Ted Dekker is my go to author for some intense, plot-twisting, stories, but lately I’ve been reading other things. The church is reading “Spiritual Authority” by Watchman Nee, and I’m loving this book. Since coming to Grace Life Fellowship in early 2008, I’ve struggled to understand how Grace translates to authority and order. This book is helping me to understand that while, yes, Grace is messy, it’s not sloppy. It’s one of those short books that will take you months to read because it’s so potent. I’d love to hear your reactions if you’ve read it.

Because all of you are SO curious to know exactly what fills my reading time (can you detect a hint of sarcasm)… these are the various books I’m trying to read all at once:
Crazy Love – Francis Chan
Field of Blood – Eric Wilson
I’m Just Here for the Food – Alton Brown (keep the snickering to yourself)
Spiritual Authority – Watchman Nee
Twilight – Stephanie Meyer (just to see what all the fuss it about)

Just for the record, for those of you that have fallen out of the habit of picking up a good book, I resurrected my desire for reading about two years ago, and it has been more illuminating and entertaining than my previous addiction to the television. readingrainbow


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  1. “Reading Rainbow” for adults? So long as they give it a more age-appropriate name, that’s a great idea! Very few people pick up books anymore, either fiction or non-fiction; people hardly know what to do on a rainy day or if the internet goes out.

    Anyway, how did you know I was singing the Reading Rainbow theme song in my head just after you’d mentioned it?

  2. Thanks…I’ll be singing Reading Rainbow all day now! It really was a great show though, and fed into the love of books I’ve had since a young girl.
    I’m currently reading There Are No Children Here It’s a really great book…sad though…Next up is The Shack, a book my mother in law says I have to read. My friend read it already and loved it, so I’m pretty excited to get to it!

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