New Year’s Revolution

After arising from my winter hibernation, I was shocked to find out that so much time had pasted since my last posts. Since my last post, LSU Football lost a bunch of games, we’ve elect a new president, I ate way too much at Thanksgiving (as my mouth waters from remembering turkey, sweet potatoes, and pie), we set up Christmas decorations, it snowed in Baton Rouge, Christmas came and went, again eating too much, we took down Christmas decorations, saw LSU win a game (YAY!), and shot fireworks.  Now 2009 begins.  I heard a friend’s take on the pretty wide-spread phenomenon of the “New Year’s Resolution.”  She called it the “New Year’s Revolution.”  Some how the change in a single digit on a date stamp means it’s time to re-think everything.  The month, or day, digits don’t hold as much power as the change in year.  I believe the context of her play on words was to somehow communicate that this years “revolution” holds more power, or importance than last year’s “resolution.”  I got to thinking that it’s a pretty powerful distinction between the two.  As Christians, sometimes I feel like we’ve been made to feel like we’ve been resolved.  Like, because we believe, or because do certain things, we are considered ok, or whole, or … resolved.  The truth of the matter is that it is so much bigger than that.  We, upon salvation, are dead to our old selfs.  His Spirit revives, lives, and REVOLUTIONIZES us.  To me the difference is astounding, and it’s something that I have to be reminded of everyday.  Happy 2009 to everyone, and may He open our hearts to the revolution that lives in all of us.


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