A Couple of Thoughts…

There are a couple of things that I’m mulling over in my mind.  Some deep and others not so deep.  First, I’ve been reading a couple of blogs from other worship leaders.  One that I enjoy is Chris Tomlin’s blog.  Right now, he and the other leaders of the 268 Generation/The Passion Movement are touring around the world.  Reading his posts are encouraging, challenging, and uplifting.  By encouraging, I mean that I feel encouraged to get out of the country and visit some of this places.  Challenging, because I know so little about the rest of the world and their culture.  Uplifting, because of the joy that you see in the faces of those that Chris worships with.  It’s amazing to think that I could sit in a room with someone from across the globe and not be able to communicate with them at all, but we share the same life source, the same Spirit, and eternity.
Second, I had a conversation with one of our elders about the life of Jesus on earth.  Not just the miracles, but the life.  After that conversation I listened to a song by Andrew Peterson and Rich Mullins called, “Mary Picked the Roses,” that expounds on the idea of Jesus being fully God and fully man.  Mary picked the roses to smell their sweet perfume, and Jesus made them bloom.  Joseph carved a table for kings to eat, and Jesus made the tree.  I’m sure I will have more thoughts about that but now, but it will continue to challenge my understanding of what “fully God, fully man,” looked like.
Third, it is officially, in my house, fair game to start the Christmas season on October 25th.  It gives us two full months to appreciate the holiday season.  So remember to pull out your decorations and start jamming out to Bing Crosby’s “White Christmas” by the end of the week…. oh and yes, my wife thinks I’m too crazy about Christmas, but who could ever get sick of “Jingle Bells,” and the smell of Christmas trees?


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