The Living Room and Fall’s Playlist

Ok, so last night was our “Living Room” kick-off at GLF.  It was awesome.  The time we spent hanging out with each other was fun, singing together was moving, and Frank’s words were challenging.  For those that were there, you’ll know what I mean when I say, “don’t miss the gorilla through the passes.”  I’m counting down the days until the first Tuesday in November.

I’ll also started my quarterly project of making a playlist for the season.   The “Fall” playlist on my iPod is as follows:

1. “Viva la Vida” – Coldplay
2. “Wonderwall” – Ryan Adams (NOT oasis)
3. “Shadowfeet” – Brooke Fraser
4. “Shy that Way” – Tristan Prettyman & Jason Mraz
5. “Five More Hours” – Gabe Dixon Band
6. “Hook” – Blues Traveler
7. “True Love” – Phil Wickham
8. “Faithful” – Fee
9. “Jungle Trail” – Steven Delepoulos
10.”Sometimes You Can’t Make It On Your Own” – U2 


There you have it… Fall’s Jams… enjoy


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  1. Christian, you are an incredible Godsend to GLF. Last Sunday’s worship was especially wonderful – and SO worshipful. The selection of songs you chose as well as how you transitioned from one to the next was masterful, in our opinion. We definitely felt the presence of the Lord – not just the presence of the musicians. Thank you again and again for allowing God to use you in teaching us to let Him use us at Grace Life. You are a precious treasure!

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